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Pre-Organised Special Sessions

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Prof. Marichela Sepe

Title: Flexible, resilient and proximity public spaces for dynamic urban regeneration


Prof. Marichela Sepe

DICEA Sapienza Universita’ di Roma, Italy

CNR - National Research Council



Nowadays different kinds of risks can occur simultaneously, requiring resilience and adaptation with a dynamic approach to the urban design and planning (De Roo, Porter, 2007).

Furthermore, resilience often consider events that cause a crisis in a system to be the same even though these have different characteristics and does not differentiate sudden events from undesirable ones, leading to some ambiguities.

In public spaces, for example, interactions between different people, activities (walking) institutions (services), processes (permits of various kinds) and resources (artwork and artifacts of various kinds) can be observed. Each of these components interacts in intentional and unintentional ways that are important to identify for the creation of resilient and adaptive places (Desouza, Flanery, 2013).

Accordingly, public spaces, if designed with flexibility as one of the main factors, can constitute important element in resilience urban regeneration process (Sepe, 2023).

To frame the theme proposed in the special session the topics include:

1)       Public spaces of proximity

2)       Resilient public spaces

3)       Flexible public spaces

4)       Public spaces, climate change and adaptation

5)       Liveable and healthy public spaces

6)       Dynamic urban regeneration

7)       Multirisk urban adaptation

8)       Theoretical aspects related to resilience, flexibility and/or proximity in urban regeneration

9)       Methodologies for analyse and design resilient, flexible and/or proximity places

10)     Best practices of urban regeneration with resilient, flexible and/or proximity public space as an element of quality





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