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Em. Prof. Achille Maria Ippolito

Title:  The Landscape Project for Climate Change



Em. Prof. Achille Maria Ippolito

Simonetta Bastelli Cultural Association, Italy



The objective climate crisis that has been worsening in recent years involves directly the territory and cities. The related problems are broad and concern different aspects, from political to social, from cultural to technical, involving different sectors and multiple disciplines.
The landscape is therefore explicitly involved, giving a decisive role and with greater responsibility to the landscape project. Intervening in the landscape with method and wisdom can be a real contribution to overcoming the climate crisis. The projects must look to the future, be long-lasting and not extemporaneous, forming part of an overall planning concept, together with all socio-economic, environmental and therefore climatic aspects.
The landscape project requires different disciplinary approaches, which must simultaneously overcome their own barriers, maintaining the basis of the single specific training.
Among the environmental aspects, the relationship between architecture and nature is important and strategic, with its implications in the urban landscape. The topic is not new, but today, in reference to the climate crisis, it becomes even more important and relevant.
The landscape project takes on broad and diversified roles and meanings, within a complex system, in a new relationship with nature. The transformations that the project entails are related to the temporal and usual changes that characterize it. The landscape is and must be mutable by definition.
We need to be able to combine science and aesthetics in a proper way. From this perspective, among the fundamental disciplines for landscape design there is botany, which has often only had a role of embellishment, while the timely study of each individual insertion is fundamental. The analysis of the context, but also its history, is fundamental, restoring value to the native vegetation, which can be the additional element as a support for overcoming the climate crisis.
The landscape project must be unique and able to withstand emergencies, natural events and catastrophes, fragility and climate change.
From this perspective, in the urban landscape, the value of public space takes on further importance.





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