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Pre-Organised Special Sessions

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Assoc. Prof. Grigoriadou Maria

Title: Cities in transition: Innovative approaches in shaping urban cultural heritage



Assoc. Prof. Grigoriadou Maria

Department of Architecture

Democritus University of Thrace, Greece



The restoration, and management of abandoned architectural cultural heritage that demonstrate a historical, symbolic, and social significance, are attracting an increasing attention. The regeneration of degraded urban areas, in which they are located, is highly promoted, thus attracting business interests to come up with innovative uses, subsequent to the development of a new identity for the city as a result of a participatory process.

The session focuses on urban and architectural design issues concerning areas of increased cultural / historical interest within the contemporary urban fabric. In this special session it is important to develop the ways of urban regeneration in areas with a significant cultural heritage, by adopting the approach of the Historic Urban Landscape, as defined by UNESCO, by integrating the goals of urban heritage conservation and those of social and economic development. Ways of linking innovative reuse approaches of industrial building heritage with spatial transformation and regeneration are also welcome. This method seeks to increase the sustainability of planning and design interventions by taking into account the existing built environment, intangible heritage, cultural diversity, socio-economic and environmental factors along with local community values.

Indicative topics:

-              Urban regeneration and cultural / historical environment  

-              Industrial Urban Landscape and Architectural design

-              Sustainable Architectural Conservation

-              Historic Buildings at Risk  

-              Adaptive reuse and Urban Design

-              Spatial transformations in historical urban areas

-              Public places, collective memory and cultural identity

-              Neglected Heritage & Heritage at Risk

-              Industrial building heritage and contemporary reuse approaches

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