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Assoc. Prof. Patsavos Nikolaos

Title: Ecology & Ekistics: past, present and future



Assoc. Prof. Patsavos Nikolaos

Department of Architecture

University of Ioannina, Greece




Back in 1974, C. A. Doxiadis finalized the manuscript of his last book, Ecology and Ekistics, one that would be published, a short time following his death and edited by the renowned Gerald Dix. This text, although it has not, until recently, been situated at the epicenter of doxiadic studies, proposes a comprehensive reconstruction of Ekistics as the science of Human Settlement in the light of the most primary parameter in their historical evolution, that being Nature. In the light of the current international debate on sustainable cities and architecture, the session proposes and calls for a double reading based on the following axes. How did the concept of nature function as a paradigm for the constitution of the Ekistics? b. In what ways did the ecological reconceptualization of architecture and planning function, itself, as a source of later institutional and scientific developments, such as UN HABITAT, contemporary methodologies and frameworks, like Ecological Urbanism et.al.? Doxiadis' words may serve as an epilogue to his multifaceted experience and as a prologue for future action: 'Our task is to define the system of life expressed by human settlements so clearly that it can contain every part, aspect, expression of opinion, known or unknown, foreseen or unforeseen. Once defined, our task is then to learn to control this system wisely for the sake of mankind.' The task of reinterpreting and reframing this rhetorical iteration today is in 'intensive' limbo.

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