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Prof. A. Gospodini & Prof. D. Dimelli

Title: Urban Regeneration supporting urban resilience and developing creative and smart cities



Prof. Aspa Gospodini, Department of Planning & Regional Development, University of Thessaly, Volos, Greece


Dr. Despina Dimelli, Assistant Professor, School of Architecture, Technical University of Crete


This special session is not exclusive to invited presenters only, but it is open to any contributor is interested in presenting.


This session will analyse, present and discuss projects and policies of urban renewal/redevelopment/regeneration which create resilient places in terms of their capacity for adapting to changes of (a) the conditions of post-industrial urban economies, (b) the city life of postmodern multicultural societies, (c) the capabilities and facilities of new technologies in urban spaces, all fostering the city’s creativity, innovation, smartness, and competiveness.

There are significant policy challenges and management issues facing cities and municipalities with regard to how to reconcile urban renewal/redevelopment/regeneration with resilient urban growth. Creativity, Innovation and smart technology applications are considered as necessary conditions not only to achieve “green” urban growth but also as keys to fostering urban competitiveness in a globalizing economy. Therefore, resilient urban renewal/redevelopment/regeneration must encourage symbiotic relationships among industries of local economy, local government, universities and local communities to ensure sustainable management of built environment and economic capital.

The session will attempt to focus on Greek cities; case studies of cities and projects of different sizes, types of urban renewal/redevelopment/regeneration may provide lessons from positive to negative experiences and findings.

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