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Prof. Claudio de Magalhães

Title: Planning cities through private development: Urban Planning in the age of Finance


Prof. Claudio de Magalhães

The Bartlett School of Planning, University College London


In a context of austerity and decreasing public sector resources, the delivery of the public goods that are the objectives of public policy  increasingly depends on planning gain extracted from private property development. As a result, urban planning is becoming foremost a tool for facilitating that development to ensure the delivery of affordable housing, public space, public facilities and so on. That makes development viability an important consideration in planning policy and planning decisions, which in turn highlight concerns with planning as a factor of risk and uncertainty and the impacts of the planning process and planning decisions on development output. Concerns with viability and risk are accompanied by the increase use of the vocabulary and concepts of finance in planning, and a different way of thinking about its role. Whereas this process is more advanced in the UK, it is by no means limited to it. This session is open to papers that explore the recent prominence of concepts such as development viability and planning risk in planning policy, and what this means for planning as a discipline and a field of policy. We welcome papers on topics such as the impacts of viability considerations in planning policy, the treatment of planning risk by policy and by developers, the financialisation of development and its impact on planning, on the provision and treatment of housing, or more broadly the nature of more entrepreneurial forms of urban planning and their impact on cities.

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