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Prof. Achille Ippolito

Title: Changing Cities - Climate Change / The Role of Urban Green



Prof. Achille Ippolito

Director of the Master in Landscape Design - Uniscape - Cursa - ASB


The issue of Climate change involves the need of identifying new "forms" of urban landscape and different ways of design, management and planning.

The expansion of the Megalopolis, their processes of development and densification are among the causes of this phenomenon and, at the same time, the cities are the ones that suffer the most their effects; therefore, acting on the urban context it is possible to find concrete solutions to this fundamental theme.

The primary objective, must be an effective "demineralisation" of urban landscape; from minimal natural interventions with water and vegetation, we can move on to structural interventions related to urban silviculture and urban agriculture. It is essential that any intervention of this kind is incorporated into a systematic language.

Therefore, urban green is one of the tools through which it is possible to influence the shapes of cities and to define an urban landscape where the interactions between natural processes and human activities are configured in a frame of sustainability and mitigation of the Climate change.

Therefore, it is necessary to "Design with nature" and to open a new dialogue about the relationship between Architecture and Nature, to identify different models of designing, planning and to find sustainable development policies in which the urban green and the presence of vegetation in the urban space, contribute to the improvement of the life quality and, at the same time, it allows to counter the Climate change and its effects.

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