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Prof. K. Moraitis

Title: Smart monumentality, smart cultural landscape and digital vitalism


Prof. Konstantinos Moraitis, Professor, School of Architecture NTUA, Greece


We could associate monumentality with memory references; with purposeful reconstruction of mnemonic associations tending to offer an organizing structure, resistant to possible historical oblivion.

The above described activities create material symbolic signifiers concretizing immaterial, intangible mental images. They can easily be associated to the terms ‘symbolic economy’, not only to symbolic promotions of economical activity, but also to ‘eco-nomy’, to taxonomy, to structural formations of symbolic thought.

Then, what could smart monumentality be?

Nowadays, thanks to digital technology, the possibility to enlarge the span of historical associations appears, as an activity adding real landscape historical references to the practically unlimited extend of the electronic virtual network. A practically unlimited number of links to museums of National or International field, to art galleries, libraries, to depictions or texts of historical importance, could be added to real visiting places, thus multiplying and amplifying touristic and didactic experience.

References to historical past and monumentality have always been partly ‘virtual’, not physically existing, as they offer memory associations, links, to practically non-existing anymore personalities, events and cultural activities. They have also been smart in their own conventional way, as they re-construct past experiences through human cultural ingenuity.

Digital technology, through contemporary media challenges, seems to offer a new era contribution to the previous described, long existing conventional reconstruction of history. Our proposal refers to this possible ‘revitalization’ of preexisting memories, superimposing digital data on real landscape, and virtual networks on physical landscape networks. It is this very association that we describe through the final part of our title: ‘digital vitalism’, bringing into life, long ago vanished conditions of existence in cultural landscape.

This session attempts to highlight issues concerning:

_Presentation and promotion of historical place identity, for economic, cultural and political reasons.

_Place-branding strategies, in correlation to historical place identity and cultural landscape.

_Analysis of the concept ‘symbolic economy’, in correlation to cultural landscape.

_Usage of virtual networks, digital technology and augmented reality techniques for the promotion of real cultural landscape networks.

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