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Prof. Stella Kyvelou

Title: Planning at the neighbourhood scale : key elements and mechanics in shaping econeighborhoods



Stella Kyvelou, Dipl.Arch.-Eng,Planner PhD

Associate Professor
Dpt of Economics and Regional Development
Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences - Athens (GR)


The creation of the first eco-villages coincides with the emergence of concerns about the antagonistic relations between society and nature  and the development of ecological and environmental movements in  1960s. Currently, eco-neighborhoods are a fully recognized "institution" that is called upon to implement the concept of  sustainable community. Despite their diversity, there are common axes  of organization such as (a) the empowerment and revival of the local  community with the key elements of open governance, widespread 
participation and sound social and political networking (b) the  implementation of sustainable practices in the management of natural and cultural resources, accessibility and the built environment.

The Special Session aims to discuss key elements in shaping eco-neighborhoods in Southern European countries in a strategic spatial planning perspective. There are lessons to be learned from this region i.e the reconnection of natural and cultural heritage given that natural and cultural resources are central for place identity. In this context, examples of econeighborhoods in Europe and other strategic urban interventions concerning e.g the regeneration of brownfields that are striving for a vision of environmental protection and economic development will be mostly welcome.

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