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Prof. J. M. P. Madrigal & Prof. A. Gospodini

Title: Easter Mediterranean port-cities-Which futures?



José Manuel Pagés Madrigal, PhD. Arch., Senior Expert .Transports and Urban, Development Division of Union for Mediterranea


Prof. Aspa Gospodini, Department of Planning & Regional Development, University of Thessaly, Volos, Greece


This special session is not exclusive to invited presenters only, but  it is open to any contributor is interested in presenting.

Prof. Aspa Gospodini and Dr José Manuel Pagés Madrigal, chairing this  special session, will select high-quality papers of this special session for publication in PORTUS journal, issue 37/38, guest-edited by Dr José Manuel Pagés Madrigal.



Mediterranean Sea was always a common cultural reference for so many societies. It was conceived always as a natural cultural crossroad. This space, as container of so many activities, was the scenario for a specific way to understand the mediterraneity , common to all the coastal territories which define the Mare Nostrum - البحر الأبيض المتوسط – μεσογειακή θάλασσα- Akdeniz.*

These coastal territories have been  adapting their structures, morphologies and relations  to the different processes  they were involved. Their respective conceptualizations were usually observed from single perspectives. Interactions among them must be done in the future, within a global scenario. Ports, cities, landscapes and ecosystems are some of the different pieces of a complex territory where the comprehensive vision must be preferred.*

The deep changes happened in the logistics in the last years together with the fishing natural resources crises have provoked important modifications of the general frame of ports around the Mediterranean basin. Port-cities have experienced parallel alterations at the same time. East Mediterranean port-cities are not alien to these processes. This session will discuss the future scenarios for this system of port cities and papers about evolution and good practices and codes for an integral development of these territories  are expected to be received. Several questions should find some answers during the session:*

  • Easter Mediterranean port-cities-Which futures?
  • Which re-definition of the port spaces facing the new territorial scenarios?*
  • How ports and cities of the region can be dialoguing in the future?

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