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Prof. Nikos Karadimitriou

Title: Crisis, Economic Development and the Planning System: From heteronomy to autonomy



Prof. Nikos Karadimitriou

Bartlett School of Planning, UCL


The Eurozone crisis came as a shock to the EU governance system and tested the countries primarily affected by it (Cyprus, Greece, Ireland, Portugal). In all those countries the involvement of ‘external’ actors like the IMF, the EU institutions, the OECD etc. was pivotal in steering structural reform. That structural reform covered a wide spectrum of administrative and policy areas including the planning system. The roundtable is going to look into those reform efforts, in light of Castoriadis’ concepts of autonomy and heteronomy and by using experiences from other European countries which have undertaken reforms of their planning system in the past. It will address the following questions:

  • What was the rationale for planning system reform in the countries examined?
  • Did the planning system reforms achieve their goal? What was their eventual impact on economic development and on human wellbeing?
  • To what extend was the planning system reform in those countries ‘owned’ by the country’s governance system?
  • In which direction did the reformed planning systems evolve, after the ‘external’ actors’ withdrew?
  • How do planning systems in the countries examined deal with issues of change in and innovation of the planning system itself?

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