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Prof. R. Lava & Prof. K. Kostopoulos

Title: The Chinese city: emerging heritage issues when ancient meets high tech



Prof. Riva Lava, Assistant Professor, School of Architecture, NTUA


Prof. Konstantinos Kostopoulos, Assistant Professor, School of Architecture, NTUA


This session discusses the challenges posed by the contemporary Chinese city, focusing on the emerging issues of heritage. Within the context of today’s dynamic development, the experimentation on alternative ways of creating urban space and the quest to reinvent the identity of China’s cities prevail.

Under the pressure of rapid and unprecedented development and urbanization, Chinese urban planning largely complies with the simplified and canonized twentieth century urban design doctrines. Many Chinese cities outgrow human scale, forget pedestrians and run the danger of becoming cultural and architectural dystopias of our times. During this transformation most of the traditional urban fabric gets almost entirely replaced by new enclosures, thus dramatically alternating the identity of ancient cities. In recent years, public awareness of the importance of preserving cultural identity is growing in the PRC and many projects have been launched in an attempt to preserve heritage.

The emerging appreciation of heritage, together with the global challenges of climate change and today’s advanced building technologies generate a unique dynamic for the reinvention of the Chinese city’s form and identity .

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