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Prof. Riva Lava

Title: From chthonic to universal: how Santorini evolves into a smart hub



Prof. Riva Lava

Assistant Professor NTUA, School of Architecture


Santorini, a place once ‘too harsh’ to visit is nowadays a ‘must see’ on every traveler’s wish list. Such an extraordinary transition of place unfolds unique narratives, synergies and juxtapositions between blending natural elements, unexpected volcanic and seismic activity, inhabitation cultures where natural and man-made merge as well as a highly dramatic cycle of destruction and rebirth. The long standing presence of man on the insular complex of Santorini -since prehistoric times- not only echoes the deep roots of a surviving culture, but, most importantly, it invites experts and members of the academic community to find new approaches to rejoice at Santorini’s resilient and unique tradition.

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