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Prof. Georgios Tsilimigkas

Title: Space, Pressures and The Management Of Coastal Cities Landscape



Tsilimigkas G.

University of Aegean, Greece


Coastal cities landscape: Planning theory and practice.
-  Spatial planning framework and spatial policises focusing on synergy issues and incompatibilities concerning coastal cities landscape.  
-  Evaluation of the framework of spatial, development and sectoral policies concerning coastal cities landscape. 
-  Land use intensity and coastal cities landscape management and planning.
-  Unregulated urban growth, and built-up areas dispersion  as transformation factors of coastal cities and peri-urban areas landscape.
-  Land and sea uses interaction  and driving forces of traditional coastal cities landscape changes.

Coastal cities landscape:  Tools and methodologies. 
-  Coastal cities landscape assessment and representation.
-  Εvaluating the land use patterns of coastal cities and peri-urban areas by spatial metrics.
-  Coastal cities landscape changes: Quantitative representation of structure and spatial distribution of land uses.
-  Spatial typologies of coastal cities landscape.

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