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Prof. Despina Dimelli

Title: Smart Technology for smart regeneration of historic areas



Dr. Despina Dimelli

Assistant Professor, School of Architecture, Technical University of Crete


Historic cities are areas that have been shaped through the centuries according to principles that reflect their societies needs. Their planning through the last two centuries has been influenced by different approaches, that have diachronically shaped their today’s status. The current thinking about urban intelligence and creation of smart cities is leading to a new concept of the future city, in which the relationship between contemporary reality and the historical city becomes an important factor in the re-thinking of urban “smartness”. 

The current session invites papers that address issues as

  • Smart mobility in historic areas,
  • Smart applications for historic areas planning through participatory processes,
  • Smart applications for monitoring land use in historic enters,
  • Revealing the historic city through smart technologies,

and other research relevant to issues of smart applications in historic areas.

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