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Prof. K. Serraos & Prof. E. Asprogerakas

Title: Planning for Resilience in Urban and Regional Level



Prof. Konstantinos Serraos, Professor, NTUA


Prof. Evangelos Asprogerakas, Assistant professor, UTH


The concept of "resilience" aims to describe the ability of a system to recover, adapt and evolve. In the events of economic crises (e.g. the recent financial crises), societal events (e.g. refugee influx) or natural events of extreme impact (e.g. floods, heat waves, climate change), spatial entities should be able to return to a state of equilibrium. The development of resilient cities and regions is a key factor for sustainable development. This Special Session aims to address the question of how and with which policies and measures the resilience can be increased. The related discussion will include methodological issues, tools and practices regarding planning for cities and regions in order for them to become more resilient to environmental, social and economic challenges.

In this framework we invite papers that address related issues including:

  • Understanding the challenges for sustainable and resilient urban and regional development.
  • The role of Spatial policies in increasing resilience.
  • Approaches with regard to crises events and corresponding measures.
  • Best practices, implemented policies and lessons learned.
  • Administration and civil society role and new governance arrangements in establishing and implementing resilience strategies.
  • Smart tools and planning for resilience.


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