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Prof. Dr. Aleksandra Krstić-Furundžić

Title: Architectural Design and Technology in the Context of Energy and Environmental Issues



Prof. Dr. Aleksandra Krstić-Furundžić

University of Belgrade, Faculty of Architecture, Serbia


Climate change and energy scarcity are challenges influencing the development of principles and strategies of urban and buildings design which will help our cities to cope with the impacts of these stresses.  Architectural concept of an active relationship between the building and its surroundings is a response to the awareness about complexity, dynamics and changeability of our environment. Buildings should be designed to transform our current highly energy-intensive urban structures into much less energy-intensive and much less carbon-intensive ones. In terms of achieving energy balance building envelope is the most responsible structural element of the building. Development of renewable energy technologies that can be incorporated with building, as well as architectural design and technology of zero energy buildings are crucial for increasing capacity for future resilience of cities and buildings. These architectural technologies and strategies are related to both the design of new buildings and energy renewal of existing buildings. A comprehensive understanding of  combinations of various influences on the building imposes architects to create structures which can react to such impacts in order to provide appropriate living comfort for users while optimizing the energy consumption in the building. New design options appear and greatly affect the appearance of buildings and cities. All this presents a challenge for the development of architectural design and technologies whose concepts and potentials are the subject of this session.

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