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Prof. Eleni Maistrou

Title: Changing Cities: Historic Urban Landscapes and the Socio Economic Dimension



em Prof. Eleni Maistrou

Architect, NTUA, Greece


The socio-economic changes that occur in the context of the change of the cities mainly in the Mediterranean area create two contrasting problems:
One of these is the abandonment of some historic settlements or the abandonment of some historic areas, with direct consequence the deterioration of the urban landscape. In some other cases, the overgrowth of tourism gives life to the historical buildings, but it leads to the removal of residents and the traditional functions of the city. It is evident that the socio economic character shapes to a large extent the historic urban landscape.
How is the economic development of historical sites achieved while maintaining social identity and cohesion?
Are the policies promoted by the States and by the European Union helping to alleviate the above problems?
Does planning and legislative tools contribute to addressing them?
The session welcomes contributions that illustrate the above problems, and / or formulate relevant proposals.

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