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Prof. K. Moraitis & Prof. E. Konstantinidou

Title: "Smart" humanitarian tendencies


Prof. Konstantinos Moraitis, Professor, School of Architecture NTUA, Greece


Prof. Elena Konstantinidou, Associate Professor, School of Architecture NTUA, Greece

Thematic fields:

Divided cities / Migration, multinational and multicultural societies & Urban Planning.


It is usual to speak about ‘smart cities’ or ‘smart urbanism’ keeping in mind an approach restricted to ‘smart technology’, as if pure technological progress would be able to understand social and political contradictions and controversies; as if it could be able to secure, alone  by itself, social prosperity.

However contemporary Western ‘smart approach’ has not been clever enough to resolve important problems, as those concerning the lack of ethnic, religious and economic homogeneity of population in European and American cities, the lack of urban population coherence. It is in this overall frame that we demand ourselves about ‘smart urban politics’ or, even more, about ‘smart humanitarian tendencies’. Nevertheless what ‘smart politics’ stand for? They rather refer to an innovative approach from the side of the human studies than to the ingenuity of applied technology… Even more, they rather refer to the active political demand, to the vigilance of the collective will.

Given our belief that the way to ensure the sustainable development of contemporary cities is the integration of diversity, multiculturalism, social and political contradictions and controversies, this special session attempts to highlight issues concerning:

_Smart cities and contemporary issues affecting their societies

(such as increasing immigration, refugee movement, cultural diversity, multiculturalism. Still confrontational identity issues associated with political, economic, religious, ethnic variations of population groups).

_How can these issues relate/affect/incorporate to the "mission", objectives and concept of Contemporary (Smart?) Cities. How can be included in their planning processes, strategies and priorities?

_‘Smart’ Humanitarian Approaches as result of ‘Smart’ Urban Politics etc


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