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Prof. Byron Ioannou

Title: Smart and inclusive human settlements, reconciling past with future



Prof. Byron Ioannou, Frederick University, Cyprus


The session is attempting to deepen the main theme of the conference  on the issues of inclusiveness of changing spaces and places. Changing  cities and changing settlements are encouraged to be smart, but what  is a smart place under a social aspect? Time generates change both in  the social and the material context and change in its turn may reduce 
or increase the openness and receptivity of built spaces. This session  emphasises on the adaptivity and the resilience of the built space in  relation to its changing users. It discusses and compares case studies  from Eastern Mediterranean, Southern Europe or elsewhere where  inclusiveness and reconciliation is still the goal or it has already  been achieved.

Here are some of the main arguments of the session:

  • Are these virtues only a result of design or planning? Could they  derive through the dynamic of a place and through an intercultural or an intergenerational approach?
  • What is the role of collective memory or cultural heritage in  promoting the inclusiveness of a place?
  • What is the role of formal or informal architecture in providing landscapes and images that reconcile the past with the future of a  place?
  • How material change is perceived or appreciated by different users and what is the impact of these attitudes?
  • How can inclusive built environments be capable of providing a liveable framework for individuals or groups of different cultural background ethnicity, religion, gender, age etc.?

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