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Prof. Nikolaos Samaras

Title: Smart management of the cities cultural heritage



Prof. Nikolaos Samaras, Thessaly Institute of Technology, Greece


A review of the relevant literature (Pickard 2000, Beernaert et al.  2000, Papalexopoulos 2009, Hatzigrigoriou 2012) highlights the use of  new technologies at the management of cultural heritage (digital  culture) as a crucial issue, with an immediate priority for the  monitoring and protection of historic buildings and historic centers.  The benefits of using innovative tools of new technologies at the  field of management of cultural heritage, include, but are not limited  to: more efficient processes of historic protection, improved 
communication between users and local and distributed accessible data  bases and multimedia files for authorities, scientist, researchers and  the public (residents and visitors).

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