Pre-Organised Special Sessions

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Prof. Marichela Sepe

Title: Sustainable regeneration and healthy and livable public spaces


Chair: Prof. Marichela Sepe

ISMed - Institute for Studies on the Mediterranean

CNR - National Research Council



Health and livability are becoming always more important factors to achieve sustainable regeneration and then public spaces of quality. These two factors can be described in many

way, underlighting different aspects which can determine a city for all where all can have a good quality of life. Accordingly, the period of pandemic is teaching us how spaces should change to allow healthier places also in the future.

To frame the theme proposed in the special session the topics include:

1)       Healthy places and healthy city

2)       Livable public spaces

3)       Covid-19 and public spaces

4)       The role of public space in sustainable urban regeneration

5)       Theoretical aspects related to sustainability, livability, urban health, inclusion and socialization in urban regeneration

6)       Methodologies for analyse and design livable and healthy places

7)       Best practices of urban regeneration with livable and healthy public space as an element of quality

8)       Urban flexibility

9)       Public space, climate change and adaptation

10)     The Sustainable goals, and livable and healthy public spaces

11)     Sports and healthy activities in public spaces and urban regeneration areas

12)     Public spaces for young people and elderly people


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