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Prof. Em. Achille Maria Ippolito

Title: “Making our Cities Resilient in times of Pandemics”: THE ROLE OF THE DESIGNER FOR THE RESILIENT CITY



Prof. Em. Achille Maria Ippolito

Simonetta Bastelli Cultural Association



Believing that to make a city resilient it is necessary to intervene with lasting and not extemporaneous projects, the theme of the epidemic emergency must be part of an overall planning concept, together with all the socio-economic, environmental and climatic aspects.

It is not believed that the pandemic issue needs specific and particular interventions: this dramatic experience reinforces the need for suitable planning. In fact, the close connection between pollution and the spread of the pandemic has been scientifically demonstrated and the value of external spaces correlated with internal ones takes on further importance: especially for work spaces, including domestic ones.

The project for the resilient city, which is a true landscape project, must be unique and capable of withstanding emergencies, natural events and disasters, fragility and climate change.

The landscape project has taken on different roles and meanings, within a large and complex system, in a new relationship with nature. The transformations that the project involves are related to the temporal and usual changes that characterize it. The landscape is and must be changing by definition.

In this session, in addition to the specific and thematic aspects, we intend to analyze the role of the designer, with particular attention to the landscape architect, as it is believed that it should be revised, also on the basis of individual and specific skills. The landscape project requires different disciplinary approaches, which must simultaneously overcome their own fences, maintaining the bases of the single specific training.

The idea of ​​place is at the base as it is in close correlation with its identity and with the population that lives it, also through the cultural landscape with all its values.

The landscape project must recover and enhance identities, but also equip suitable spaces for community living and for services.

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