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Prof. Em. Eleni Maistrou

Title: Resilient Cities and Historical Centers Management. The case of Corfu



Prof. Em. Eleni Maistrou

School of Architecture

National Technical University of Athens




The focus of this special session is the recognition and critical presentation of the parameters that make a historical city resilient against threats to its physical and intangible characteristics. More specifically any threat to its historical and architectural attributes, its functionality, the goal of its sustainable development. These threatening factors may be owed to human activity or natural disasters. Threats that are currently urgent include those provoked by climate change and the pandemic.

There is a call for contributions presenting procedures and methods, applied in the Old City of Corfu or other historical cities, with the scope of achieving resilience and sustainable growth. What is the role of Management Plans? How can they assist to this end, what should they include and what is the procedure for their drafting?





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