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Prof. Dimitra Diana Babalis

Title: Experiencing sustainability for core urban areas in post-pandemic cities



Prof. Dimitra Diana Babalis

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, (DiCEA)

University of Florence, Italy



Research experience gives more significant future theoretical and methodological directions to brilliantly engage issues of sustainable and resilient development of core urban areas. At present, many questions are being asked on how pandemic will affect the future design of historic centres of towns and cities and their valuable cultural heritage. Further, climate change is a constant threat that involves all other issues.

The contributors to this session will investigate on the today process of engagement of issues such as sustainable regeneration, innovation and technology, preservation and reuse, and a range of approaches by practices that will give more value on “Urban Change”.

Papers on finding strategies and solutions for urban regeneration of “Heritage Open Spaces in Transformation”, (HOST); Historic High Streets; Healthy Small Streets; Small Urban Spaces (pocket parks; Urban Waterfronts(Riverfronts, Seafronts etc), Industrial Heritage are welcome.

Session also suggests contributors to show the ways for additional research and tools of interventions to expand knowledge on sustainability/urban resilience/climate change in the post-pandemic cities.

Finding answers must be considered of great interest for urban transformation to re-create urbanity and quality on historic centres while focusing on environment, health and well-being, social and economic benefits. Further, new revitalization methods would particularly benefit locals who have suffered pandemic health and economic consequences while to contribute to tourist development and control.





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