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Prof. Em. Eleni Maistrou

Prof. Em. Eleni Maistrou

School of Architecture

National Technical University of Greece


Short CV: 

Head of School of Architecture 2011 – 2016, Vice President 2007 - 2011.

Member of the scientific committee of the post-graduate master program: “Conservation and Restoration of Historic Buildings and Sites” 1998 – 2011.

Teaching and Scientific experience on “Urban Conservation and Planning”, “New Architecture in historic environment”, “Reuse of abandoned buildings”, “Rehabilitation projects”, “Sustainable planning and Design” and “Bioclimatic design”.

Member of The international scientific committee of International Committee for the preservation of Historic Towns and Villages, ICOMOS.

Research studies and professional experience on planning and conservation of historic cities, as following:

  • Conservation and renewal of the old city of Athens – Plaka
  • Development and Preservation Study of the old town of Nafplion
  • Preservation Study of the historic settlement of Hydra
  • Preservation study of the functional character of the old town of Rethimno, Crete
  • Rehabilitation project of the medieval castle of Astypalaia.
  • Development and Preservation Study of the historic village of Amfiklia
  • Rehabilitation of the historic neighborhood Kasteli of the island Poros
  • Protection and rehabilitation study of the historic center of Trikala
  • Evaluation study of the historic center of Iraklion Crete
  • Preservation and highlighting the seaside of Argolic gulf.
  • Review and evaluation for historical and architectural documentation of heritage buildings in Corfu, Ohrid, Gyrokastra and Vathy Samou (Interreg program)
  • Development of a Methodology to Monitor the Adaptation of Cultural Heritage to the effects of Climate Change. The case of the historical town of Corfu (Life program)



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