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Prof. Maros Finka

Prof. Maros Finka

AESOP and SPECTRA CE EU at STU in Bratislava



Short CV: 

President of Association of European Schools of Planning, professor of Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Slovakia and at Shanghai Jiao Tong Univerisity, China, Expert of UN Habitat III and Ministry for Investment, Regional Development and Innovations of SR, director of SPECTRA Centre of Excellence of th EU at STU in Bratislava.

For a number of years Director of the Institute of Spatial Planning at the STU in Bratislava, Vice-Chancellor of the University, expert of the UN Habitat III, expert of the Office of the Governement and   president of Slovak Smart City Cluster, guest professor at Shanghai Jiao Tong University and East China Normal University, lead expert at the Office of the Vice-Prime Minister for Investment, co-establisher of SPECTRA CE CHINA. Prof. Finka has participated in more than 40 national and more than 35 international research projects, in more than 30 national and 20 international projects as the project or team leader covering the topics of European spatial planning, urban development and regeneration and environmental planning. He has been the member of national and international scientific boards, member of German Academy for Spatial Research and Planning, member of advisory boards of Slovak Ministry of Environemnt and Slovak Ministry of Transport, Construction and Regional Development, Ministry of Inner Affairs of the Federal State Rheinland Pfalz.He works as the expert at the Ministry of Transport and Construction of the SR.  He is also widely published in books and international planning journals (Author or co-author of 41 books, more than 80 published papers, more than 100 papers presented at the international scientific events. He is co-chairman of the SPA-CE.NET – Network of Spatial Research and Planning Institutions in Central and Eastern Europe and of the Alliance of the EU and Chineese Universities for Smart Sustainable Development and Innovations. He is considered to be one of the leading academics in CEE countries in the field of spatial planning. He was awarded as Scientist of the Year in Slovakia and by the International Danubius Award 2017 for research.



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