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Pre-Organised Special Sessions

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Dr. Angelidou Margarita

Title: Emerging Trends in Cities in the Post-COVID Era and Implications for Urban Development and Planning Policy.



Dr. Angelidou Margarita, Scientific associate

Department of Spatial Planning and Development

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece



In response to the unprecedented global changes caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, urban development, policy, and planning have come to face unprecedented challenges and opportunities. Inspired by the major disruptive events and the developments that came thereafter, this special session is focusing on "Emerging Trends in Cities in the Post-COVID Era and Implications for Urban Planning and Development Policy."

The session aims to foster discourse on the transformative impacts of the pandemic on urban landscapes and the consequent shifts in urban dynamics, governance models, and policy frameworks. It seeks to examine how cities worldwide are adapting to the "new normal," exploring innovative strategies, technologies, and interventions that are reshaping urban environments. Key themes to be addressed include the acceleration of digitalization and remote work, the reevaluation of urban mobility and transportation systems, the revitalization of public spaces, and the promotion of equitable and resilient urban development. Furthermore, the session will deliberate on the role of governance and policy frameworks in facilitating adaptive urban planning and development strategies. It will explore how collaborative governance models, participatory planning approaches, and policy innovations can support cities in navigating uncertainty and building back better in the post-pandemic era. All in all, through interdisciplinary perspectives, the session will analyze the social, economic, and environmental dimensions of post-COVID urbanism, considering implications for inclusivity, sustainability, and resilience.

The session is organized in the context of the international research project "R-Map: Mapping, understanding, assessing and predicting the effects of remote working arrangements in urban and rural areas" (European Commission, Horizon Europe GA101132497). It is open to publications stemming from the project, as well as publications stemming from other research projects examining similar topics. Ultimately, the special session aims to inspire dialogue, knowledge exchange, and collaborative action among scholars interested in shaping resilient, inclusive, and sustainable cities for the future.

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