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Pre-Organised Special Sessions

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Assoc. Prof. Thanos Pagonis

Title: Design for climate adaptation in urban public spaces: from assessment to integrated intervention



Assoc. Prof. Thanos Pagonis

National Technical University of Athens, Greece




Climate related challenges, such as heat stress, wild fires and extreme rainfall, create new conditions for the built environment of our cities calling for the redesign, retrofit and adaptation of urban public spaces in response to shifting conditions. Urban interventions should also respond to emerging new paradigms such as the New European Bauhaus upon delivering resilient, inclusive and sustainable urban places. This transformation however, is not to take place in a temporal and spatial void, but rather within specific contexts of urbanism which define spatial, typological, socioeconomic and cultural characteristics alongside climatic conditions. What should be taken into consideration when designing for climate adaptation of urban public spaces? How an integrated approach can be achieved? This special session opens the floor to share experiences from different contexts of urbanism, either in the form of methodologies or case studies that could enlighten these questions. It is open to researchers, policy makers at local or central level, or design practitioners that are invited to share their different perspectives depending on their personal and institutional role and involvement with specific projects and initiatives.

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