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Pre-Organised Special Sessions

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Assoc. Prof. Maro Sinou

Title: Components of Urban Design Towards a Sustainable Mediterranean City



Assoc. Prof. Maro Sinou

Department of Interior Design

University of West Attica, Greece



The special issue, entitled “Components of Urban Design Towards a Sustainable Mediterranean City”, focuses on the multifunctional role of public spaces in Mediterranean cities. In hot Mediterranean urban city centers, the presence of well-landscaped outdoor spaces not only provide shelters of thermal comfort but also offer room for socio-cultural interaction. Moreover, the presence of efficiently designed outdoor spaces affects the property values and the quality of urban life. Covering a wide range of design scales, this special issue offers a venue for interdisciplinary papers presenting empirical findings, case studies, review articles, methodologies and methods. Acknowledging synergies among various planning and design factors, this session emphasizes on environmental, socio-cultural, economic and cultural aspects of urban space.

Contributions are encouraged but not limited to the following areas:

  • Theories on the interaction of natural and man-made environments in cities- Sustainable policies and management of urban space
  • Blue - green infrastructures
  • Art and public space as a mean of reinforcing city sustainability or urban collective memory
  • Urban space design (various scales)
  • Walkability
  • Inclusive design in cities - Permeability
  • Urban Planning- Critiques of existing urban interventions in Mediterranean cities
  • City branding for sustainability
  • Emerging technologies for city cultural sustainability (IoT, AR, VR)
  • Innovative materials for urban space use
  • Placemaking
  • Diversity
  • Participatory urban design
  • Sensorial perception of urban space
  • Urban space and well being


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