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Pre-Organised Special Sessions

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Assoc. Prof. Dimelli Despina

Title: Dimensions of urban resilience 



Assoc. Prof. Dimelli Despina

School of Architecture

Technical University of Crete, Greece



Cities today are more densely populated and interconnected than ever before and face many types of shocks and stresses related to climate change, pandemics, cyberattacks, refugee crisis, social inequalities that require new types of planning tools and principles to respond to these challenges. So, cities must develop systems, businesses, institutions, communities, and individuals to survive, adapt, and grow, no matter what chronic stresses and acute shocks they experience. Planning resilient cities requires tackling challenges and creating solutions in a place-based, integrated, inclusive, risk-aware, and forward-looking manner.

The special session intends to analyze policies and planning tools for the achievement of urban resilience.

It includes topics related to urban planning in terms of urban resilience as:

  • Resilient urban mobility: Challenges and opportunities.
  • Planning public spaces in a resilient city.
  • The social dimension of urban resilience.
  • Urban Governance for resilience.
  • Smart resilient cities, threats, and opportunities.
  • Urban density as factor for achieving resilient cities
  • The 15-minute city model, a new challenge for resilient urban planning.
  • Case studies of resilient cities planning.
  • Planning Greek cities in terms of urban resilience.

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