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Prof. Em. Konstantinos Moraitis

Prof. Em. Konstantinos Moraitis

Prof. Em. Konstantinos Moraitis

School of Architecture

National Technical University, Greece


Short CV:

Konstantinos Moraitis works as a Professor at the School of Architecture of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA).
He obtained his Diploma of Architect – Engineer at the School of Architecture of NTUA (1978) and continued his studies on postgraduate level, studying Ethical and Political Philosophy (PhilosophieÉthique et Politique) with specialization in Philosophy of Aesthetics – Seminar on Critical Theory of Art (DEA – Université I de Paris, Panthéon-Sorbonne, 1980-1981). He attained the postgraduate program of Arabic and Islamic Studies of the ‘Hellenic Centre of Arabic and Islamic Studies –EKMAIS’ (Pantios School of Political Sciences, Athens, 1981-1982). He also possesses a PhD degree in Architecture and Landscape Architecture, with his doctoral thesis presented under the subject ‘Landscape – allocating place through Civilisation. Exposition and theoretical correlation of the mostsignificant modern approaches concerning landscape’ (School of Architecture of NTUA).
Since 1983 he teaches studio lessons, concerning building design as well as urban and landscape design at the pre-graduate program of the School of Architecture of NTUA. He is also responsible, since 1994, for the postgraduate seminar of the School of Architecture of NTUA, concerning ‘History and Theory of Landscape Design’.
He has presented numerous publications of architectural projects and scientific articles and has also participated in collective scientific editions. He is the author of a tutorial book under the title ‘Cultural Landscape’, concerning the history of landscape design from the period of Italian Renaissance till Romanticism. He has also been awarded with numerous distinctions in architectural competitions in Greece and Cyprus, as well as with two 1st prize distinctions in International Architectural Competitions, concerning the ‘Urban and Landscape Design for the city of Lviv – Ukrania’ (2008) and the ‘Design for the Centre of Holistic Medicine in the isle of Allonisos – Greece’ (1998).
He is member of several scientific associations, institutes and societies, such as the Hellenic Technical Chamber, the Hellenic Architectural Association, the Hellenic Institute of Architects, the Hellenic Committee of the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS), the Hellenic Philosophical Society and the Hellenic Society for Aesthetics.




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