Prof. Taner Oc

Editor of Journal of Urban Design
Honorary Professor, The Bartlett School of Planning, UCL
Faculty of the Built Environment


Short CV:
Degree(s) Awarded
1974 Doctorate (Ph.D.) in City and Regional Planning, University of Pennsylvania
1970 MA in Social Sciences, University of Chicago
1968 Master of City Planning, Middle East Technical University, Ankara
1966 Bachelor of Architecture, Middle East Technical University, Ankara

Emeritus Professor of Urban Design and Planning, University of Nottingham
Honorary Professor, University College London
Editor, Journal of Urban Design
Urban Design Track Chair, American Collegiate School of Planning (from 2005)

Professional Memberships
1966 Turkish Chamber of Architects
1969 Turkish Chamber of Planning

Professional Experience
1993 – 1997 Subject Specialist Assessor – Appointed by Welsh, English and Scottish Quality Agencies/Higher Education funding councils. (Assessed eight university courses).

1993 – 1997 Association of European Schools of Planning, Executive committee member and Newsletter Editor.
PhD External Examiner to 2001
University of Edinburgh, Strathclyde University, University of Sheffield, Queens University of Belfast, University of Central England, South Bank University, University of Wales – Swansea, University College London, University of Newcastle, Oxford Brookes University.

Teaching Role and Experience
1994 Director, Institute of Urban Planning, School of the Built Environment, University of Nottingham (formerly Department of Urban Planning)
1984 Senior Lecturer/Reader in Urban Planning, University of Nottingham
1986 -1990 Vice Dean, Faculty of Law and Social Sciences, University of Nottingham
1981 Visiting Professor of Urban Planning, Department of Urban and Regional Planning, The George Washington University
1976 Lecturer in Planning, University of Nottingham
1973 Lecturer in Planning, Queens University of Belfast

Research Interests
• Founding Editor Journal of Urban Design
• Ethnic Minority Businesses and Urban Policy
• The Potential for Sustainability through Converting Buildings to Residential use
• Mixed use Areas – Sustainability through the use of Buildings
• Safer City Centres for Women
• City Centre Living and the Elderly

Key Publications
(i) Books
2010 (with Carmona, Heath & Tiesdell) Public Places - Urban Spaces, Oxford, Architectural Press (Revised 2nd Edition)

2007 (with Tiesdell) Safer City Centres – Reviving the Public Realm (Revised 2nd Edition)

2002 (with Carmona, Heath & Tiesdell) Public Places - Urban Spaces, Oxford, Architectural Press

1999 (with Moughtin and Tiesdell) Urban Design: Ornament and Decoration, Oxford, Architectural press, 183 pages (2nd Edition)

1997 (with Tiesdell) Safer City Centres – Reviving the Public Realm, London, Paul Chapman Publishing Ltd, 260 pages

(with Tiesdell and Moynihan) Urban Regeneration and Ethnic Minority Groups – Training and Business Support in City Challenge Areas, Bristol, Policy Press, University of Bristol, 50 pages

1996 (with Tiesdell and Heath) Revitalising Historic Urban Quarters, Oxford, Butterworth-Heinemann, 234 pages

(ii) Refereed Articles
2000 ‘People and Urban Renaissance’, Journal of the American Planning Association, Volume 66 (4), Autumn, pp 364-366

1999 (with Tiesdell) ‘Supporting Ethnic Minority Business: A Review of Business Support for Ethnic Minorities in City Challenge Areas’, Urban Studies, Vol 36 (10), pp1723-1746

(with Tiesdell) ‘The Fortress, The Panoptic, The Regulatory and the Animated: Planning and Urban Design Approaches to Safer City Centres’, Landscape Research, Vol 24 (3), pp 265-286

1998 ‘Beyond Fortress and Panoptic Cities: Towards a Safer Urban Public Realm’, Environment and Planning B: Planning & Design, Vol 25, pp639 655

(with Tiesdell) ‘Town Centre Management and Safer City Centres: The Experience in Coventry and Nottingham’, Cities: The International Journal of Urban Policy and Planning,Volume 15:2, pp85-103

1997 (with Tiesdell) ‘The Death and Life of City Challenge: The Potential for Lasting Impact in a Limited Life Urban Regeneration Initiative’, Planning Practice and Research, Vol 12:4, 16 pages

(iii) Chapters in Books
2010 “Design in Historic Urban Quarters” in Rivista di Scienze del Turismo, by Lettere Economia Diritto, Milano

2006 “The Ageing Society – An Urban Society” in D Henckel, E Pahl-Weber & B Herkommer (eds), Time Spaces Places, Peter Lang Publishing Group, Berlin, Germany, pp 189-209

2004 “Spatial Planning Education and the Needs of Professional Practice” in Alex Fubini (ed) Improving Planning Education in Europe, pp 139-176; 397-345, Franco Angeli SRL, Milano, Italy

2000 (with Tiesdell) ‘Urban Design Approaches to Safer City Centres: the fortress, the panoptic, the regulatory and the animated’ In: J.R.Gold and G. Revill (edited), Landscapes of Defence, London, Prentice Hall, 21 pages

1997 (with Trench and Tiesdell) ‘Safer Cities for Women’ In: C Ungerson and M Kimber (editors), Women and Social Policy, A Reader 2nd Edition, Basingstoke, Macmillan, 17 pages (50%)

1995 (with Tiesdell) ‘Property Led Regeneration’ In: S Trench and T Oc (editors), Current Issues in Planning Volume II, Aldershot, Gower/Avebury, 15 pages

(with Tiesdell) ‘City Challenge: The Indications for Future Urban Policy Initiatives’ In: S Trench and T Oc (editors) Current Issues in Planning Volume II, Aldershot, Gower/Avebury, 15 pages

‘Legislating for Sustainability’ In: S Trench and T Oc (editors) Current Issues in Planning Volume II, Aldershot, Gower/Avebury

1993 (with Trench) ‘Planning and Shopper Security’ In: R Bromley and C J Thomas (editors) Retail Change, London, UCL Press, pp 153-171

(with S Tiesdell) ‘Architecture and People’ In: Companion to Contemporary Architectural Thoughts, (editors B Farmer and H Leow), London, Routledge, pp 44-51

(with Scoffham) ‘L’allogio perle minoranze etniche in Gran Bretagna: al cuni condotti a Leicester’ In: Paolochiozzi (editor) Antropologia Urbana E Relazioni Interetniche, Firenze, Angelo Pontecorboli, pp 129-180

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