The 3rd International Conference on

“Changing Cities: Spatial, Design, Landscape & Socio-economic Dimensions”

Syros - Delos - Mykonos Islands, Greece, 26-30 June 2017

The conference is Organised by The Laboratory of Urban Morphology & Design Department of Planning & Regional Development School of Engineering, University of Thessaly Volos, Greece. Under the aegis of the Greek Ministry of Tourism. In collaboration with The Department of Product and Systems Design Engineering University of the Aegean Syros, Greece.

In the last decades, we have all witnessed a series of dramatic, universal changes and developments affecting cities – their morphology, environment, economies, and societies. Global new conditions such as economic internationalisation, European integration and the creation of urban networks and hierarchies ; post– indu - strial economies of culture and technologies; consciousness of environmental degradation and the necessity of green design and sustainable development; information societies, increasing mobility of individuals and 'space time' compression; growing terrorism attacks and new security infrastructures of public spaces; increasing migrations and cultural diversity of individuals, and coexistence in multi – ethnic and multi-cultural urban societies. In this new milieu, cities change themselves to ad hoc adapt into new conditions while simultaneously scholars and practitioners in planning and design attempt to change cities so as to better fit into new conditions.

The main conference theme is:

European cities & Migration; Spatial impacts of immigration and out-migration

The conference thematic fields include the following:

  • Urban Design in Planning,
  • Cities & Health*
  • Sustainable Urban Planning & Development,
  • Urban Landscapes, Landscape Planning & Design,
  • Architectural Design & New Technologies,
  • Urban Cultures & Public Open Spaces,
  • Historical Centers & Built Heritage Management,
  • Environmental Urban Planning,
  • Green Architecture & Urban Design,
  • Transportation Planning and Policy in cities,
  • Urban Planning Laws, Real Estate & Property Rights,
  • Urban Economies & spatial impacts,
  • Place Marketing & City Branding,
  • Shrinking cities,
  • Divided cities,
  • Resilient cities,
  • Migration, multinational and multicultural societies & Urban Planning.

* From the papers to be presented in the session "Cities & Health", the best ones may be selected by Prof. Markus Grant, Editor of the journal Cities & Helath" to be published in this journal

The Editor of the journal "CITIES; DESIGN & SUSTAINABILITY, THE NEW SERIES", ALTRALINEA EDIZIONI, FIRENZE, (a peer-reviewed series) may publish the best high-quality papers of the thematic sessions of the conference.

The Editor of the journal TOURISMOS An International Multidisciplinary refereed Journal on Tourism may publish the best high-quality papers of the thematic sessions of the conference.

The conference aspires to bring together urban planners and designers, spatial planners, architects, landscape designers, urban geographers, urban economists, urban sociologists, and demographers, and investigate all together new challenges concerning cities and their future. The conference aims at becoming an international forum of transaction of ideas on changing cities.

All academic researchers, professionals and policy makers interested in the area of the conference are invited to present papers related to the conference topics. Indicate your preference for an oral or poster presentation.

The submitted manuscripts will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee and the authors will be notified on time of the outcome of the evaluation.

The manuscripts that will be selected as oral or poster presentations will be published in hard copy at the conference book of abstracts. Full papers will be published in book format e-Proceedings with a separate ISBN number.

The organizing committee is in contact with international scientific journals and selected papers from the conference may be published in special issues, after they have been reviewed. The participants will be informed regarding this possibility by e-mail.

With kind regards,

Aspa Gospodini

Professor of Urban Planning & Design, University of Thessaly,
Dept. of Planning & Regional Development,
President of the Organising Committee.

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