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Prof. Cesarina Siddi

DICAAR – University of Cagliari

Title: Under Collective Construction


«under collective construction» aims to highlight the importance of a sustainable urban development founded on a social and human approach. In other words, its key issue is ‘participation’, considered in its totality.

In recent years, participation has become a slogan, government policy all over the world has institutionalized it, but often with weak updates as much in theory as in concrete results. This session will discuss about methodologies and experiences implying new efforts to make it truly effective,

Starting from the well known words of Sidney Verba (1967) “The issues of participation are, to paraphrase Harold Lasswell: WHO participates, about WHAT and HOW?”, «under collective construction» will focus on WHO, WHAT, HOW presenting case studies about:

  • allowing communities to foster new, dynamic, stronger and active relationships with their cities;
  • activating urban regeneration processes founded on social regeneration;
  • developing new opportunities and/or ‘urban tools’ able to activate more effective synergies between ‘public’ and ‘private’, i.e. between local authorities and citizens, non-profit organizations…
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