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Prof. Dimitra D. Babalis

Università degli Studi di Firenze. Italy
Chair of INTEGRO UAD (International Group on Urban and Architecture Design)

Title: Urban Waterfronts and Cultural Heritage


Waterfronts as an edge environment are of great complexity and potentiality. In the past they have long served as transportation corridors, recreation and general enjoyment, places for industrial activities, as military areas etc. have a long history of changing types and levels of transformation. In addition, throughout centuries changing land-uses brought directly to the decline and decay of large places.

In re-designing waterfronts with significant urban issues is clearly meant to encourage both public and private investment and guide towards an ecological and sustainable urban change. In this respect, waterfronts should highlight potentialities improving waterside environment and reviewing emerging nodes that can add value and aware for a successful waterside design process.

So, new urban strategies should identify as central nodes to be transform through good design while preserving cultural heritage.

The aim of this special session is to re-consider urban watersides as attractive places to live and enjoy.To do so, the redevelopment of cultural heritage should be considered for regeneration and re use of old buildings including waterfrontfacilities for wellbeing and sociability.

The questions to be put are the following: How can urban waterfront change contribute to tackling environmental challenges while preserving cultural heritage and improving urban environment? How can urban waterfronts serve to exchange design ideas, information and cultural happenings? How can changing waterfronts and changing landscapes contribute to changing economies?

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