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Prof. Constantinos Serraos

National Technical University of Athens

Title: Bottom up planning initiatives in the urban space. A vehicle for a further democratization of the urban planning procedure?


Spatial planning has been affected in recent years by diverse kinds of “bottom up” procedures. Many of these concern non-formal urban planning initiatives, very often including also protests from the side of the civil society. In fiscal crisis cases, citizens tend to be more actively organized to intervene in issues of spatial interest, increasingly affecting their daily lives. Thus, new non-official actors are being motivated, and are interacting with each other. On the other hand, the official authorities try to expand the participation opportunities by introducing more complex relations among a wide range of actors. Furthermore, reforms of the existing official “top down” spatial planning system aim at promoting opportunities for "flexible" private investment activity as well as “bottom-up” spatial developments based on the market dynamics.
The special session explores “bottom up” forms of interference in the spatial planning process with a special focus on issues as:

  • Typologies of “bottom up” planning procedures / initiatives.
  • Interaction practices and relative experience between civic society and official authorities.
  • The economic crisis as a key issue for changing planning and governance structures.
  • The relevant European experience and practice.
  • Selected case studies analysis. Understanding and evaluation.
  • The planning democratization question.
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