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Prof. John Pendlebury

Head of School of Architecture Planning and Landscape

Newcastle University, UK


Dr Loes Veldpaus

Research Associate University of Newcastle, UK

Title: Conservation as a driver of change? Heritage management practices across Europe

Description: In planning for a sustainable future for cities, the relationship between various city actors, citizens, and the city is constantly being reshaped. Not in the least by the diminishing role of the neoliberal state in decision-making, ongoing austerity measures, and shifts in political focus. What does that mean for urban conservation processes and practices? More and more, heritage assets - tangible and intangible - become understood as active change agents in the process of urban management, as drivers of change. Urban conservation as such is defined not as a process of allowing (or disallowing) transformation, but as a process of establishing and guiding the nature of urban transformation. The aim of this session is to explore the implications new urban governance regimes on heritage management practices, in different situations and locations. To do so, various practices in case studies from Norway, Italy, Netherlands and England will be discussed and compared.

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