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G. Parmenidis


Prof. Nelie Marda

National Technical University of Athens, Greece

Title: Methodological tools of analysis for creating strategies of integral urban interventions




Maping the urban landscape is an act that contains multiple approachesusing a series of conceptual and design-visual tools with different representational logic. A methodological analysis of the urban phenomena that aims to create strategies of integral urban interventions is of high importance.

Today the focus lies on the “(almost) object” of the digital programming and the “incomplete form” of the modern and postmodern theories. These concepts are being re-examined and renegotiated in applied examples of Urban Innovation Ecosystems (UIE) and Urban Homeostatic Clusters (UHC) respectively.The semantic schemes of UIE and UHC can form tools of form generation and design management of the urban landscape.

The session aspires to pinpoint the concepts that give meaning to the act of design and integrate it in the context of contemporary ontological, aesthetical and philosophical views. Each mapping tool is determined through a network of relations. These immaterial networks, collected through the diverse readings, determine the city as a multiple. In this sense, any attempt to intervene into the urban field, the design act, is an act of intentional prioritization.

The session will focus on:

  • mapping the urban landscape, through conceptual and visual tools and their respectiverepresentations.
  • the city as a multiple of immaterial networks.
  • contemporary theories evolving around Urban Innovation Ecosystems.
  • contemporary theories evolving around Urban Homeostatic Clusters.
  • the contemporary conditions of Urban Homeostasis.
  • the contemporary intentional prioritization of the immaterial networks of the city.
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