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Prof. Achille Ippolito

Università degli Studi di ROMA "La Sapienza", Italy

Title: Urban Natures for Changing Cities


The definition of Urban Natures was born in the United States of America, in the eighties, imagining a complex interaction between natural processes, activities and human goals.
Nowadays, the meanings, the interrelationships and the complexities became broader, taking into account the connections between the natural system and the urban landscape, revealing the necessity of revising the concepts of Architecture, Nature, Landscape, preferring new trans-disciplinary formulas, at different operational scales:

  • The scale of urban planning, which is reviewing disciplinary approaches and tools, based on different instances, which refer to Ecological Urbanism, the Landscape Urbanism, that consider both the vegetation and water system as essential elements of the urban metabolism.
  • The urban scale of the green infrastructures, which includes road axis, ecological corridors, linear parks, fluvial urban parks, or hibrid linear system, up to the urban agriculture in its variation of biodiverse social gardens, edible nature, and so on.
  • The punctual interventions in the public space of the square, parks and gardens and also on buildings, in which plant walls and roof-garden participate to the green urban system.

The issue of the urban vegetation is closely related to the theme of urban regeneretion, in which public open spaces play an important role. The presence of the natural elements in the urban space contributes significantly to improvement of the quality of life, the perception of well-being and, ultimately, the sustainability of the interventions.


Mrs Serena Baiani, Associate professor, Department website of Planning, Design, and Technology of Architecture, Sapienza University of Rome

Mrs Alessandra Capanna, Researcher, Sapienza University of Rome Department di Architecture and Design

Mrs Donatella Cialdea, Full Professor, University of Molise

Mr Matteo Clemente, Research fellow, Sapienza University of Rome

Mrs Claudia Sardella, PhD candidate, Landscape and Environment, Sapienza University of Rome”

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